Bliss and the Hourglass

With the flipping songs of the hourglass,
Perception changes…darken even
With the pretence called maturing…
As the cold breeze blows
With dust in the air
I saw the old geezer
Fat and grey
Laughing as though he has his head in the clouds
Yet children saw him and out of nowhere that sensation I once felt
Filled the air(with dust too)
The children got gidi and I did too
But yet again that flipping songs of the hourglass grounded me
I could no more see the gates of avalon
I saw a concrete jungle
The fat grey old geezer was just a slim dark fellow with synthetics for beards
As reality started dawning on me
One of the children with laughter so honest said things
Made promises, heaven knows were bogus all in the name to hug the old geezer.


Life’s Quicksand

Waking up and realizing I was deceived…
Socrates once told me that the only certain thing he knows is that he doesnt…
With that I accepted tales by Heisenberg and life seemed simple.
Doubt, uncertainty, wonders, curiosity and sort were names she answered to… I think?
She was warm and made me feel it never starts and/or ends with me? Or now? Or here?

On one certain day….fear and threat slithered in but i had a saviour with a guise of confidence and conviction… but come to think of it, came with that fragrance….I can’t forget, the stench of sheer mediocrity and complacency. She felt beautiful.

I felt the entirety of life, my life in the epoch we were together…to be powerful.
I could jump into thorns, go against the kraken, stare at medusa and come out with unwavering belief that I can face another of sort and I could even face Hades bare handed

Little did I know i was spellbound. It was no fragrance but a potion for delusion.
I was torn apart….drowning…growing numb but felt I was invincible.

Within this charade of false bliss, that fragrance’s effect dialled down…..with that warmth touch from my first love but within a split second this sensation went cold.
Upon opening my eyes, the fragrance resurfaced and I was looking right into her eyes…such beauty…..
There! I knew I would face the same fate as narcissus.


Deception of Pleasure

I fell of a boat of safety(I thought),control(safety required),indifference(a requirement demanded) into a tempest sea of doubt ( i dreaded),worries(I dreaded sustained on), emotions(such sustenance craved).
There and then drowning….a myth was proven true….
I was kissed by a mermaid..I could breath in the tempest sea of all and guess what!? I did not let her swim off on me because she was the one the stars led me to.